Onsite Utility Services Capital Announces Strategic Partnership with Power Cube

Delavan, Wisconsin and Newington, New Hampshire – Onsite Utility Services Capital, Inc. (OUS Capital) a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions for industrial and commercial businesses, and Power Cube LLC announced today a strategic partnership to integrate Power Cube’s variable frequency drive solutions with OUS Capital’s Energy Savings as a Service program.

With the variable frequency drive market surpassing annual installations of 2 million units in 2018, and anticipated to exceed $3.5 billion by 2025 (source:  Global Market Insight),  OUS Capital and Power Cube’s partnership places them in the perfect position to be the front runners of this continued growth.

“In the ongoing effort to keep energy costs low, companies need easier ways to become more energy-efficient, regardless of their size or industry,” said Fritz Kreiss, CEO of OUS Capital. “Together, Power Cube and OUS Capital will provide businesses nationwide with solutions that will deliver the energy efficiency results they want.”

The direct connection between Power Cube’s space-saving, eco-friendly, noiseless and long-lasting variable frequency drives and OUS Capital’s Energy Savings as a Service program allows companies nationwide to quickly lower and optimize the energy consumption used by the motors powering their heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water pumps, industrial equipment, and more – but without requiring any up front capex, and without any debt.

“Smart business executives understand the positive financial impact delivered by energy-efficient solutions,” explains Kreiss.  “What has stopped so many of them from implementing those solutions in their own properties is the up-front investment requirements that can come from such a project.  Energy Savings as a Service solves that problem in one simple solution, making energy efficiency easy.”

For more information about Power Cube, visit www.powercubellc.com, and www.dustinr48.sg-host.com for more information about Onsite Utility Services Capital.


About Onsite Utility Services Capital
Since 1993, OUS Capital has been dedicated to unlocking the power of energy efficiency for industrial, municipal and commercial businesses nationwide through innovative solutions that lower energy consumption, reduce energy spend, and increase profits. The company’s exceptional staff of energy experts can be reached at info@dustinr48.sg-host.com.


About Power Cube
Power Cube provides education and equipment to energy service companies, interrogators, electricians, facility managers, and more about how to identify and supply electric motor control solutions for massive energy savings.  With over 40 years of direct application experience, Power Cube is exceptionally suited to deliver variable frequency drive solutions to companies of all sizes, and can be reached at sales@powercubellc.com.



Written by OUS

March 20, 2019

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