Clean Air as a Service Attacks Infectious Coronavirus Found in Building Indoor Air
Fighting Coronavirus

Skeptics who struggle to believe that the coronavirus can spread through the air have been looking for one missing piece of proof:  Clear evidence that floating respiratory droplets can contain and spread the live coronavirus.

Now, a team of virologists at the University of Florida have produced that proof. 

Earlier today, their team of scientists announced they have identified evidence that aerosols in the air (those floating respiratory droplets) have been shown to contain, carry and transmit the live coronavirus.

The news arrives as many health experts are telling the public how the airborne transmission of the virus has been playing a huge role in the spread of infections.

The findings have not yet been reviewed by other outside scientists, but these new findings are being taken very seriously by health experts around the world who are racing to understand how COVID-19 operates and spreads.

“If this isn’t a smoking gun, then I don’t know what is,” said Dr. Linsey Marr, an expert in airborne spread of viruses who was not involved with the team.  “This is what people have been clamoring for.  It’s unambiguous evidence that there is infectious virus in aerosols.” (source:  New York Times)

Robyn Schofield, an atmospheric chemist at Melbourne University in Australia, says that, “It takes about five minutes for small aerosols to traverse the room even in still air,” adding that the six-foot social-distancing requirement is “misleading, because people think they are protected indoors and they’re really not.”

The findings should also motivate businesses, facilities and institutions to pay attention to adding precautions that reduce the airborne transmission of the virus, such as using improved ventilation, according to Seema Lakdawala, a respiratory virus expert at the University of Pittsburgh. <(source:  New York Times)

Buildings, facilities and institutions who deploy Onsite Utility Services Capital’s Clean Air as a Service technology get an effective weapon to eliminate the coronavirus from their indoor air.

Using Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization, Clean Air as a Service removes more than 99% of coronavirus particles from indoor air in only 30 minutes of use.  

And it can be deployed in any building, facility or school without any up-front investment.  It even has the potential to lower a building’s HVAC energy costs by as much as 30%.

For more information on how Clean Air as a Service works, contact Fritz Kreiss at or at 844.768.7227.

Written by OUS

August 12, 2020

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