New Survey Says 92% of U.S. Educators Will Increase School Sanitation Measures
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As millions of students prepare for in-person learning, it is no wonder that sanitation is at the forefront of every educator’s mind.

According to a recent survey by Business Wire which polled more than 200 U.S. educators across the nation, 92% indicated they plan to increase the frequency of their sanitation efforts.  Additionally, the areas in schools the educators believe require the highest concentration of their sanitation efforts include:  Bathrooms (89%), cafeterias (81%), locker rooms (71%), computer labs (70%), classrooms (67%), and gyms (66%).

This focus on sanitization is for good reason:  Because of COVID-19, schools must have a definitive and clear method to protect the safety and welfare of faculty, students, families, and the community as a whole.

To help these schools manage their indoor sanitization efforts, Onsite Utility Services recently introduced a new service called Clean Air as a Service, which allows schools and commercial clients to combine sanitization and comfort into one comprehensive service.   

With Clean Air as a Service, each school uses an indoor air purification system that works in conjunction with their existing HVAC equipment.  As the airflow passes through the purification system, bipolar ionization energizes the air to form positive and negative ions.  The newly-charged airflow then distributes the energized ions into all of the spaces served by the school’s HVAC system.

Those ions then negatively affect the ‘DNA’ of pathogens, bacteria and viruses – including viruses like COVID-19 – and effectively destroy them.

And the beauty of the Clean Air as a Service system is just how easily it integrates into existing school and commercial HVAC systems.  Using the ‘as a service’ model traditionally found in software, cloud computing and many others, Onsite Utility Services deploys the Clean Air as a Service solution without requiring any investment from the school or commercial client.

Since the school now can recycle conditioned, purified air, energy costs are reduced from the HVAC system spending less time heating and cooling ventilated air.  And those savings pay for the service, which includes the equipment installation, ongoing service and maintenance.

Onsite Utility Services is a market leader working with schools and businesses who need help ensuring cleanliness, sanitization, ventilation and safety. Clean Air as a Service delivers these without negatively impacting budgets or other more pressing capital expenditures.  

To learn more about how Clean Air as a Service works, click here or call 844.768.7227.

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Since 1993, Onsite Utility Services Capital has been dedicated to unlocking the power of energy efficiency for businesses and institutions nationwide through innovative solutions that lower energy consumption, reduce energy spend, and increase profits. The company’s exceptional and experienced staff of energy experts help clients accomplish their energy efficiency objectives through their Energy Savings as a Service and Clean Air as a Service programs.  For more information, visit or call 844-768-7227.

Written by OUS

August 20, 2020

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