Crypto-Miners are Turning to the OUS Power Generation Platform for Electric Supply
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Delavan, Wisconsin –Onsite Utility Services Capital (OUS) now provides a cost-effective and reliable energy sourcing solution for cryptocurrency miners everywhere in the USA.

Cryptocurrency mining – the hugely energy-intensive method of computers solving complicated, cryptographic mathematic equations in exchange for a predetermined portion of a digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dash – has ballooned among individuals and companies around the world.  But despite this surge in cryptocurrency demand, crypto-mining’s huge energy consumption and associated costs have become a serious barrier for most operations to support their crypto-mining operations.

Crypto-mining (or Bitcoin mining) is super energy-intensive, and the price points required by the crypto companies requires different solutions than a typical factory that might also be a large energy user.  The crypto-mining company has to typically be located contiguous or directly on the power plant property connected directly to the power plant instead of through the local distribution company charges which would make the cost too high to make crypto-mining profitable.

OUS has recently provided a solution to a crypto-mining client that will start at 25 megawatts and will grow to 300 megawatts over the next 12 months, hitting the required price points and fixed contracts for 5 years.

OUS crypto-mining power supply solution can give crypto-miners access to a network of power generator partners who can deliver low-cost, high-efficient reliable electricity.  Crypto-miners can now get negotiated electric rates from select generators and properties.

Fritz Kreiss, CEO of OUS, adds: “We are continuing to develop additional generation assets and becoming a connection point for generators looking to add load and crypto-miners looking for electric supply that meets their profit points.”

With nearly 30 years of energy solution experience, OUS is uniquely qualified to deliver cryptocurrency miners the energy they need at a cost that helps them achieve profitability.   Cryptocurrency miners can now get access to reliable low-cost energy to power their mining operations and improve their profit margins with the OUS Power Generation Platform.

Written by OUS

October 19, 2021

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