Onsite Utility Services Mexico S.A. de C.V (OUS MX) launches Energy Savings-as-a-Service in Mexico

Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC has established a Mexican subsidiary to provide Energy Savings-as-a-Service to manufacturers and resorts.

OUS MX brings 29 years of energy saving and onsite generation solutions through our Mexican partners and contractors. OUS MX provides the capital for the energy upgrades and simply charges a monthly service fee with zero capital or debt for the client under our Energy Savings-as-a-Service plan.

For many businesses, constant minor grid interruptions can create significant problems for production, but they don’t have the capital or want to take on debt for adding battery storage and other energy saving devices. Instead, through the Resiliency and Energy Savings-as-a-Service platform OUS MX operates just like the utility. The utility supplies the capital for the power plant, maintains the equipment and charges a monthly service fee. OUS MX provides the capital, installs the energy saving upgrades along with any service and maintenance and simply charges a monthly service fee.

Onsite’s as-a-Service plan allows for carbon reduction, resiliency and energy savings with no investment. Services include LED lighting with savings up to 75%, chiller and RTU savings up to 50% to solar and batteries- Onsite covers a complete range of engineered solutions.


Written by OUS

July 28, 2022

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