Onsite Launches the PTAC Energy Optimization-as-a-Service to Save Energy and Decarbonize Hotels

Delavan, Wisconsin – The hotel industry is very energy intensive with the majority of hotels relying on PTACs to heat and cool the guest rooms. Although the PTACs are a good fit for the movement towards the electrification of heating and cooling to use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, unfortunately they are not the most energy efficient HVAC systems.

Today, Onsite Utility Services Capital (Onsite) solves this problem with its PTAC Energy Optimization-as-a-Service solution.

Decarbonization of our buildings is going to be very capital intensive for hotel owners CapEx plans to grow their company and make improvements for their guest experience. Onsite solves this problem buy providing the capital for the energy upgrades and charges a monthly service fee that is less than the hotel currently spends.

Fritz Kreiss, Onsite’s CEO adds,” We can reduce a PTAC’s energy consumption up to 60% while increasing the life span of the equipment by integrating multiple energy savings solutions to the PTACs. This saves utility expenses for the hotel while reducing their carbon footprint with no investment or debt. Since all franchisors are pushing their franchisees to reduce their carbon footprint, Onsite makes the investment in the energy infrastructure to reduce the carbon footprint so the hotel owner can keep their capital focused on enhancing the guest experience and growing revenue.”

Onsite Utility Services Capital works nationwide in the US and has now expanded into Mexico.

Written by OUS

May 2, 2023

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