Energy Storage Systems with Power Optimization Saves up to 40% on Energy and with Zero CapEx for Hotels and Resorts

Onsite Utility Services Mexico S.A. de C.V. has launched energy Resiliency and Power Optimization-as-a-Service, a Zero upfront capital cost efficiency program to assist Hospitality owners and operators throughout Mexico save up to 40% on energy and operating expenses by reducing costly electricity peak demand, preventing facility disruptions due to electric grid power outage events, and improving the performance and life expectancy of all facility infrastructure equipment.

Resiliency as-a-Service from Onsite Utility Services Mexico (OUS) ( provides a best-in-class, hi-tech battery storage and power optimization solutions for significantly reducing rapidly rising energy costs with the installation of state-of-the-art Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and software management designed for peak demand shaving as well as emergency back-up to help eliminate the debilitating and costly effects to businesses of power outage events on the electrical grid. Combined with the installation of the OUS Powerhouse power optimization system, our clients achieve perfect balance of the electric voltage and amperage coming into their facilities across all three phases, further enhancing the reduction of electric demand while improving the performance, reducing the maintenance, and extending the life expectancy of all energy consuming equipment. Resiliency-as-a-Service is a proven solution to significantly reduce energy use and operating expenses immediately from Day 1.

Fritz Kreiss (CEO) commented “The problems that functioning businesses have due to the shortcomings of grid reliability are curable. Even a single, one-hour power outage can cost hotel and resort operators $25,000 to $30,000 in lost revenue, not to mention guest and staff implications, and you can’t get that back. Resiliency as-a-Service from OUS provides assurance of continuity to business operations and cash flow. But usually, the capital cost for resiliency implementation can be large and not the desired use of capital for hotel and resort owners. But now, by utilizing our Resiliency and Energy Savings-as-a-Service platform, our clients pay nothing upfront and avoid adding more debt to make their properties resilient to electric grid events and save money. OUS provides the capital for the resiliency upgrade and simply charges our client a single monthly service fee that covers everything, even ongoing maintenance. Removing the upfront capital cost barrier means more property owners can achieve energy resiliency and energy saving goals while retaining precious capital for more strategic investments.”

Fritz continued, “In addition, OUS’s integrated approach of providing battery storage plus power optimization technologies allows our clients to significantly reduce peak energy demand not only during peak time-of-use hours but over all hours. We see clients reducing energy costs by as much as 40% which greatly contributes to their own carbon footprint reduction as well.”

Written by OUS

May 4, 2023

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