Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC becomes a member of the Texas Energy Managers Association

Delavan, Wisconsin – Onsite Utility Services Capital joins www.Temaenergy.org to enable schools to do energy upgrades through the Energy Savings-as-a-Service platform

(www.onsiteutilityservices.com ) OUS Capital’s Decarbonization Energy Fund makes it possible for schools to do energy and equipment upgrades with Zero Capital and Zero Debt.

Fritz Kreiss (CEO) commented “With RTUs and chillers being the primary methods for cooling school buildings, energy systems targeting their optimization can have a major impact on carbon reduction and reducing the school’s energy spend along with lighting. But the use of capital for improving existing RTUs or Chillers is not where the traditional school wants their money focused on. By utilizing our Energy Savings-as-a-Service platform, the school takes on no debt nor utilizes any of its capital for achieving energy and carbon saving goals. Onsite provides all the capital for the upgrade and simply charges a monthly fee that is less than the school currently is spending. Removing the CapEx barrier means more schools can achieve their carbon and energy saving goals while retaining their capital and budgets for education. By reducing energy and utility spend, the school gets upgrades and positive cash flow for other school needs like staffing.”

Fritz added, “We are excited to share with the TEMA members. OneSite’s integrated approach provides energy savings from 25% to 50%. The savings from the rising energy budget frees up cash flow to pay the monthly service fee which includes service and maintenance leaving money left over for other budgetary needs. Our funding platform can remove the capital barrier for a school to move forward with carbon and budget savings without taking on debt.”

Written by OUS

October 26, 2023

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