Thermal Energy Storage-as-a-Service for Energy and Carbon Reductions for the Cold Storage Industry

Delavan, Wisconsin – Onsite Utility Services Capital launches dedicated fund for Thermal Energy Storage-as-a-Service targeting cold storage facilities

OUS Capital ( ) Refrigeration based businesses are one of the largest energy opportunities for savings and carbon reductions up to 44GW in the US. Onsite launches Thermal Energy Storage-as-a-Service for the cold storage industry. Onsite utilizes a Synthetic Phase Change material (SPCM) that can store thermal energy down to -40 degrees F. Another benefit is that the entire system qualifies for the 30% ITC and an additional 10% for domestic content under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Fritz Kreiss (Onsite’s CEO) commented “Thermal Energy Storage can decrease a facility’s energy consumption by up to 40% by efficiently capturing and storing thermal energy during off peak hours and releasing the stored cold energy during the daytime allowing the chiller to not run during peak hours of operation. Additional energy savings are captured by running the chiller at 100% load during the night. A chiller’s energy efficiency goes down when they are only slightly loaded. In addition, the night has a much lower cooling demand than during the day.”

Fritz Kreiss added, “But we realize a cold storage’s use of their capital is usually spent on growing the company and revenues and not to reduce expenses, so we are launching Thermal Energy Storage-as-a-Service to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint for cold storage facilities. Removing the CapEx barrier means more cold storage facilities can achieve their carbon and energy reduction goals while retaining their capital for the company primary focus. Cold storage facilities are very capital intensive to build but often capital is not available to invest in energy saving and carbon reduction projects. Onsite Utility Services Decarbonization Energy Fund allows us to install Thermal Storage-as-a-Service and while removing the CapEx and debt barrier giving our client energy savings and carbon reduction from day 1. Thermal Energy Storage allows for scalable applications for peak shaving demand charges or reducing Capacity Peak Load Contribution charges too.”

Onsite Utility Services works nationwide and has just entered the Mexican market.

Written by OUS

January 3, 2024

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