Artificial Intelligence Processors Will Require Immersion Cooling-as-a-Service for Cooling
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Delavan, Wisconsin – Onsite Utility Services Capital launches Immersion Cooling-as-a-Service to reduce Carbon Footprint of Data Centers along with energy savings reducing the PUE below 1.05.

OUS Capital ( ) launches dielectric Immersion Cooling-as-a-Service for data centers that is 1400% more effective than blowing cool air across computer processors. Cold plate technology could handle server racks using 70kW, but new AI Chips could use 100kW and will have to switch to Immersion Cooling.

Fritz Kreiss (CEO) commented,” Data centers moving to the AI processors are going to have to change how they currently cool their server racks due to the energy intensiveness of the new processors. Not only are the processors more costly, cooling the processors is going to start to go beyond the traditional cooling with chillers or even cold plate technologies. In addition, if the waste heat can be reused for another application, it will qualify for a 30% ITC.”

The dielectric fluid directly cools the entire processor and all but eliminates traditional failure caused by fan failure, oxidation, dust, and fluctuations in humidity including refrigerant leaks that are bad for the environment. In addition, since no HVAC equipment is needed, maintenance savings and future replacements are removed from the expense column on the accounting ledger. In addition, energy savings range from 40% to 90% over traditional cooling with no use of water for evaporation. Immersion cooling allows processors to run cooler and have less exposure to any thermal stress allowing for processors to last longer thereby enhancing the ROI.

Fritz Kreiss added “Immersion Cooling systems are available through Onsite’s Carbon and Energy Savings-as-a-Service funding platform with Zero CapEx or debt. Onsite provides all the capital for the upgrade and simply charges a monthly fee that is less than what they currently spend. By removing the CapEx barrier can achieve their carbon and energy saving goals while retaining their capital for the company growth in Artificial Intelligence.”

Written by OUS

January 17, 2024

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