Uncover the 6 Secret Expenses You’re Ignoring by Delaying Maintenance – and Reveal the Power of Energy Savings-as-a-Service

Every year billions of dollars in needed repairs and maintenance to buildings HVAC and lighting assets are deferred. Inadequate funding is the main cause but there are other contributing factors.

Maintenance personnel might not have the skill level needed and people setting up the budgets might not understand the long-term impact for deferring repairs and maintenance. Some equipment might be difficult to access, or it was not installed properly and is causing more wear and tear. Or there is an inadequate number of maintenance personnel.

Studies have shown that on average, for every $1 saved by deferring maintenance and repairs it becomes a $4 capital cost in the future. This is not including indirect costs like tenant comfort, reduced energy bills, or having to close because you lost a chiller, and a replacement is 12 months away. Today’s supply chain issues do not reward deferred repairs and maintenance.

Part of the Onsite Utility Services Capital’s process is assessing your equipment to come up with a plan to reduce your energy consumption and your carbon footprint. All the energy savings upgrades are paid for out of energy and maintenance savings and includes the service and repair for all the equipment we supply and install. When equipment is commissioned with upgraded systems, motors for fans and compressors run less which will extend the life span of the equipment.

Some HVAC equipment can be refreshed and rebuilt to like new conditions at a substantial savings along with new energy saving upgrades. And of course, the maintenance and repairs are included over the service term.

If equipment replacement is the only solution, Onsite engineers a solution that considers proper sizing and purchases a tripped down unit and adds our advanced systems that goes beyond the equipment manufacturer’s systems. In addition, maintenance and service on Onsite equipment is included. Starting with proper sizing includes options under ASHRAE 62.1 for clean air that allows an option to reduce the amount of fresh makeup air that must be heated and cooled can provide a 25% energy savings and a 20% reduction in system size which reduces the amount of capital that is required.

Contact Onsite Utility Services to discuss your situation and develop an innovative solution.

Written by OUS

January 29, 2024

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