Refrigeration-as-a-Service for Energy and Carbon Reductions for the Food Processing Industry

Delavan, Wisconsin – Onsite Utility Services Capital launches dedicated fund for Refrigeration-as-a-Service targeting food processing companies.

OUS Capital ( ) Refrigeration based businesses are one of the largest energy opportunities for savings and carbon reductions of up to 44GW in the US. Onsite launches Refrigeration-as-a-Service for the food processing industry.

Fritz Kreiss (Onsite’s CEO) commented “There is a lot of legacy equipment in the refrigeration and food processing industry that is not very efficient compared to today’s technology but equipment for food processing and refrigeration is very capital intensive. Refrigeration-as-a-Service allows you to upgrade your systems with Zero Investment and Zero Debt. You can now reduce your carbon footprint, save energy and upgrade your facility without having to wait to invest the money over decades..”

Fritz Kreiss added, “But we realize a food processors use of their capital is usually spent on growing the company and revenues and not to reduce expenses, so we are launching Refrigeration-as-a-Service to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint. Removing the CapEx barrier means more food processor facilities can achieve their carbon and energy reduction goals while retaining their capital for the company primary focus. Food processor facilities are very capital intensive to build but often capital is not available to invest in energy saving and carbon reduction projects. Onsite Utility Services Decarbonization Energy Fund allows us to install Refrigeration-as-a-Service and while removing the CapEx and debt barrier giving our client energy savings and carbon reduction from day 1. Thermal Energy Storage allows for scalable applications for peak shaving demand charges or reducing Capacity Peak Load Contribution charges too.”

Onsite Utility Services works nationwide including Canada and Mexico. Onsite offers complete energy solutions including waste heat recovery, power optimization, LED lighting and onsite generation.

Written by OUS

January 30, 2024

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