How Energy Efficiency Contractors can overcome the 8 most deadly words you don’t want to hear!
Frustrated Businessman

“It’s just not in the budget this year”

That stack of proposals sitting on the corner of your desk that you thought were slam dunk sales means the customer isn’t saving money and reducing their carbon footprint and more importantly your company didn’t make the sale and the profit.

You try pivoting saying the 3 year pay back is like earning 33% a year on your money and you certainly aren’t making that on your money in the bank. Then you try offering lease financing and the payments can be made from the savings, but the client adds “We aren’t taking on any debt this year or in this economy”.

There is a disconnect in how we are trained to sell energy efficiency projects- the elephant in the room is how we were trained to see capital and fast simple paybacks and how a business owner views the use of the company’s capital. We see the use of capital can save the company money and reduce expenses, but the businessperson views the use of capital in how I can deploy my capital to grow the company and revenue. Perhaps acquire another company or a new piece of production equipment to double the company’s revenue. And then we hear those 8 words “It’s just not in the budget this year”.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. You will continue to win a share of your proposals to the group of people that had planned on doing something already.

Only 3% of businesses are actively searching to buy something, and another 7% have a need, but aren’t searching. That means your go to market plan is missing the other 90% of businesses. But to win more and go after that 90% you must change something; you need to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. So, we built a new model to remove the CapEx issue or debt issue from the equation so our contractor partners could go after the 10% that are ready now, and engage the lower 90% early and grow through our Energy Savings-as-a-Service capital funding platform.

Through Onsite’s funding platform, we invest in energy infrastructure projects in energy savings or onsite generation to save energy and reduce your client’s carbon footprint while keeping their capital focused on growing their company while achieving their carbon reduction goals.

Become a contractor partner ( )to sell more projects using our Energy Savings-as-a-Service funding platform. We are also looking for contractor partners to join our energy audit, installation and service partners for Onsite’s direct projects nationwide.

Written by OUS

January 31, 2024

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