Onsite Launches Solar Cooling-as-a-Service for Schools with up to 45% Energy Savings

Delavan, Wisconsin – Onsite Utility Services Capital launches Solar Thermal Air Conditioning-as-a-Service to capture energy savings up to 45%

OUS Capital (www.onsiteutilityservices.com ) Solar Thermal Air Conditioning provides a hi-tech solution for replacing commercial HVAC systems by integrating solar thermal panels into the cooling cycle to improve the operating efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Integrating solar thermal into the cooling cycle to do the work the compressor otherwise uses electricity for puts the sun’s energy to work to help cool our buildings. The turnkey system includes the solar thermal panels and a heat pump for replacing RTUs. By integrating the solar thermal panel into the cooling cycle, the entire RTU system qualifies for the 30% ITC under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Fritz Kreiss (CEO) commented “With RTUs being the primary cooling system used by over 70% of all schools, energy and carbon savings targeting that system can have a major impact on our climate change goals. But the use of capital for improving existing RTUs is not typically where the school wants their money focused on. By utilizing our Carbon Reduction and Energy Savings-as-a-service platform, the client takes on no debt nor utilizes any of its capital for achieving energy and carbon saving goals. Onsite’s Energy Infrastructure Fund provides all the capital for the upgrade and simply charges a monthly fee. Maintenance and service is also included in the monthly fee. By removing the CapEx barrier means more schools can achieve their carbon and energy saving goals while retaining their capital for the company to grow and expand.”

Fritz Kreiss added,” The solar thermal cooling technology has been around for over 10 years doing RTU retrofits, but the manufacturer decided to set up manufacturing and just focus RTU replacement market to make the installation easier. Many schools have deferred maintenance and replacement of their RTUs which are now at their end of life and expensive to maintain and operate. Since the entire system qualifies for the 30% ITC, this reduces the overall cost of the system along with the carbon reduction along with the advanced energy savings. Or take advantage of our Energy-as-a-Service offering with zero debt or capital.

Fritz added, “We are currently prequalifying schools with the expectation that initial new deliveries will be expected in the 4th quarter 2024. Considering every school has 10 to 24RTUs on their roof, getting on the schedule early will be important.”

Onsite Utility Services Capital is a nationwide distributor for the Solar Thermal Cooling Solutions.  Onsite provides a complete line of commercial heat pumps fully integrated with Solar Thermal Cooling for RTU replacement in addition to other energy saving solutions including power optimization and lighting.

Written by OUS

February 5, 2024

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