Energy Decarbonization Fund Allocates $250 million for Energy-as-a-Service and Carbon Reductions for Hospitals

Delavan, Wisconsin – Onsite Utility Services Capital launches dedicated funding for Energy-as-a-Service targeting hospital facilities

OUS Capital ( ) Hospitals are one of the largest energy opportunities for energy savings and GHG reductions in the US. The critical part is how to reduce energy while also improving the care for their patients.  On average, hospitals use 31 kWh of electricity and 103,600 Btu of natural gas per square foot annually. Lighting, space heating/cooling and hot water are good targets for improving efficiencies and saving energy. Lighting makes up about 16.2% of the electricity consumption but in addition, Human Centric Lighting can reduce Falls up to 43%.

Fritz Kreiss (Onsite’s CEO) commented “Hospitals are huge energy users but have low profit margins. Energy-as-a-Service allows the hospital to focus their capital on patient services and thinks like new medical technology that can generate revenue while serving the community. Onsite then supplies all the investment capital for upgrading the energy infrastructure including maintain the upgrades which can include current facility management personnel. From cogeneration to chiller optimization to Human Centric Lighting. The benefits and implementation are engineered based on the hospitals energy usage, infrastructure needs of the facility, local utility rates and tariffs to optimize savings.”

Written by OUS

February 14, 2024

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