OUScapital.com to present Energy and Carbon Savings with Zero Debt or Capital at the Hawaii Hotel and Restaurant Show

Delavan, Wisconsin – Charlie Holt, Regional VP with Onsite Utility Services Capital will be presenting at the Hawaii. Hotel and Restaurant Show March 20th.

OUS Capital (www.onsiteutilityservices.com ) expands its funding platform for energy efficiency for hotels and restaurants in Hawaii. Onsite provides off balance sheet funding including service for equipment for carbon reduction and energy savings for air conditioning, refrigeration, and water savings. Charlie Holt will be presenting for Restaurants and Hotels to reduce their carbon footprint and rising electric costs with Zero Debt and Zero Investment through Onsite’s Energy Savings-as-a-Service funding platform.

Fritz Kreiss (CEO) commented “The hospitality industry has a battle over how to use their capital between sustainability efforts and using the capital to grow the company. Onsite provides all the capital for the upgrade and simply charges a monthly fee. Removing the CapEx barrier means more facilities can achieve their carbon and energy saving goals while retaining their capital for the company or organization. With the high electric rates in Hawaii, Energy-as-a-Service is a good solution for the local economy.”

Charlie Holt, Onsite Regional VP added,” The Hawaii Hotel and Restaurant Show is a great venue for hospitality businesses with common problems and goals to meet and discuss solutions for improving sustainability and finding solutions for the skyrocketing electric rates. Our Hawaii partners have solutions to reduce HVAC costs from 35% to 50%, but finding the capital to implement the solutions was a problem. Onsite’s Carbon Reduction and Energy Savings Infrastructure Fund provides the capital and simply charges a monthly service fee that is less than what you currently spend on electricity and maintenance. I’m passionate about our program to be the key yo unlock energy savings and sustainability  for restaurants and hotels.”

Written by OUS

March 14, 2024

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