New Book Reveals the Step-by-Step Guide to Reduce the Carbon Footprint and Still Grow the Company without Debt

Delavan, Wisconsin – Carbon Reduction goals strain the use of capital to grow the company.

Fritz Kreiss, author and CEO  ( ) launches a new book- Carbon Reduction Versus Growing the Company- The Battle Over a Company’s Use of Capital. With over 30 years of experience selling Energy-as-a-Service, this book provides the step-by-step process for organizations with Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Plans, including guidelines for the Sustainability Director, Consultant, CFO, or CEO.

Energy-as-a-Service, better known as EaaS, means businesses no longer have to weigh the risk of making a significant upfront investment to reduce their carbon footprint. Instead, the model allows a company company to pay for its energy services without capital expenditure or debt.

What was once a considerable investment has become nothing more than an operational cost, which means a business can be both profitable and sustainable. It’s no longer an ethical dilemma, and no choice has to be made.

EaaS is still relatively unknown to most people, but Energy-as-a-Service is growing worldwide. With EaaS, a business’s future is about to become much brighter… and much greener! This comprehensive guide will show exactly how to make it happen.

Inside, discover the process:

  • A complete understanding of EaaS and its history – and why this is an opportunity organizations can’t afford to miss
  • Why sustainability needs to be a priority for businesses and organizations (both for the environment and the bottom line)
  • The ABCs of EaaS – understand precisely how it works
  • How to implement EaaS, including the legal considerations to know about
  • The guide to making sustainability a core part of an organization’s business practices
  • What to expect from the future of business and sustainability working in tandem
  • Why sustainability and business work so well together
  • Available on Amazon- ASIN: B0D2L9GLQL

Fritz Kreiss (CEO) added, “Removing the CapEx and Debt barrier for companies and organizations is critical for achieving carbon reduction goals and growing the company using its capital. Companies have responsibilities to employees, investors, their supply chain, and the environment, and Energy-as-a-Service allows them to meet their goals on all of those key performance indicators.”

Written by OUS

April 30, 2024

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