Energy-as-a-Service Funder Targets $100 million for Energy Monitoring-as-a-Service with Zero CapEx or Debt for Clients

Delavan, Wisconsin – Onsite Utility Services Capital partners with Energy Cutting Solutions to expand Energy Monitoring-as-a-Service nationwide.

OUS Capital ( ) Only 11% of small to medium sized buildings (under 50,000 sq ft) don’t have a Building Management System. In fact, 94% of all commercial buildings are in this size range in the US. Without the ability to monitor energy in real time for the major pieces of equipment in a building, the end result is wasting up to 25% of the energy consumed. This totals 750 trillion BTUs wasted annually in the US alone.  The number 1 barrier to expand this market is the high up front capital cost of the system.

Fritz Kreiss (Onsite’s CEO) commented “Removing the CapEx and Debt barrier means more facilities can achieve their carbon and energy saving goals while retaining their capital for the company. Small businesses, such as restaurants, are very capital intensive to build and operate but often capital is not available to invest in energy saving and carbon reduction projects. Onsite Utility Services Energy-as-a-Service Funding allows us to install an Energy Monitoring-as-a-Service complete system and remove the CapEx and the debt barrier while giving our client energy savings and carbon reduction from day 1. Targeting the small to medium sized buildings is a huge opportunity that will help Onsite to find additional energy saving measures up to 60%. The benefits and implementation are engineered based on the buildings energy usage and local utility rates and tariffs to optimize savings and energy monitoring is the key.”

Fritz added, “Partnering with Energy Cutting Solutions ( ) was perfect because they have a simple energy monitoring that is fast to deploy with a user friendly dashboard that can display their sensors but also other systems the client might have from some other vendor. Removing the CapEx barrier to deploy the energy monitoring is the first step to working with Tomas Farias’ company to do a major energy and carbon reduction to this huge market.”

Tomas Farias added, “We have thousands of clients wanting to take advantage of our energy monitoring and energy savings but didn’t have the capital or want to take on any more debt. Partnering with Onsite removes both barriers.”

About Energy Cutting Solutions

Energy Cutting Solutions is a nationwide energy efficiency contractor that specializes in energy monitoring as the first step in developing a comprehensive plan on energy reduction for multi-site commercial locations. Major clients include US Bank, Wells Fargo, KFC and 7 Eleven. They can be reached at

Written by OUS

May 31, 2024

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