clean air as a service:

Safe, healthy indoor air with no investment, debt or risk

Turnkey indoor air quality solutions and HVAC filter monitoring programs that increase operational efficiency, reduce operational costs and deliver occupant safety, all without using any of your own capital

Energy Efficiency Made EASY

Never before has the quality of indoor air been more important to everyone, everywhere


We are now living in a COVID world.  It has impacted every facet of our lives:  How we work, shop, learn and live have all been altered in substantial – and likely permanent – ways.

While a lot has been discussed about the immediate pandemic-related challenges facing businesses, schools and institutions, the COVID pandemic has led to a drastic shift in the way they address how to provide a safe, healthy and smart process for reopeing and operating their buildings.

With research showing the coronavirus may spread through shared air, building owners and managers are scrambling to upgrade their HVAC systems.  In fact, according to Gallup, 8 out of 10 people are at least ‘somewhat concerned’ about the air quality inside buildings.

But, there are many critical issues to consider:

The Investment

COVID’s negative impacts on the revenues of businesses and organizations have made investing in an clean air purification solution outside their financial reach for the foreseeable future.

The Hassle

Figuring out the right air purification system to install – and how to do it correctly – can cause chronically delayed decisions that postpone reopening progress, not to mention added costs from quickly piple up during “trial-and-error” approaches.

The Energy Costs

Increasing fresh air ventilation into your building for better air quality means more energy is being consumed for that system.  That can translate into higher energy bills (the last thing you need).



With Onsite Utility Services Capital’s industry-leading Clean Air as a Service program, commercial buildings, facilties, properties and institutions of all sizes can finally can have the air purification  solution they need – installed and maintained – without any up-front investment, debt or risk.

No matter what size building or facility you operate, Clean Air as a Service is the easiest, most sensible and effective way to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for your building’s occupants.

This is how smart clean indoor air gets done.

Turnkey Solution

Covers all equipment, installation maintenance, and servicing – everything is included.

No Capital Required

We make the investment for you, so there is zero out-of-pocket or up-front expenditure needed.

No Debt Impact

Won’t impact debt ratios, lines of credit or conflict with any of your core purchases.

Cleaner, Safer Air

The air inside your building is now made cleaner, healthier and safer for your occupants.

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Finally, a Smart and Sensible Path to Cleaner, Safer Indoor Air


Air Purification via Ionization

Using an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and – ions, our Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) solution puts these ions into your air stream, where they attach to particles, pathogens and gas molecules, robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen, which cleans the air.

Best of all, it’s ozone-free – so it’s safe for all building types:  Commercial, residential, healthcare, grocery, hotels, schools, nursing homes, and more.

Cleaner indoor air has never been more powerful.



Increased Operational Efficiency

Facility management professionals enjoy our real-time monitoring reporting derived from sensors deployed with our NPBI solution.

Whether you’re looking to improve occupant comfort, increase your facility’s operating efficiency, or address health and safety requirements, our NPBI solution will help you take back control of your indoor environment.

Cleaner indoor air has never been more effective.


Eliminate Maintenance Costs

How many times have you invested in some kind of HVAC equipment without an included service plan attached to it, only to quickly learn that your “investment” had actually become a liability?

Onsite Utility Services Capital eliminates the need for you to conduct any maintenance or service for our NPBI Clean Air as a Service solution.  All the service and maintenance is handled for you at no additional cost.

Cleaner indoor air has never been more sensible.


No Investment, No Risk

Through our Clean Air as a Service turnkey solution, you get the air cleaning solution you want, but without the risk of using your own capital to invest in the equipment OR pay for it’s ongoing maintenance.

Onsite Utility Services Capital makes the investment for you, freeing up your capital for other more pressing issues.  The equipment and installation costs are then taken from the new energy savings that are generated through lower heating/cooling costs provided by the NPBI solution.

Cleaner indoor air has never been smarter.

Clean Air as a Service may be a good fit for you if:

You want a clean air solution for your building or facility without spending your own capital or incurring any additional debt

You have been putting off any kind of clean indoor air solution or project simply because it is ‘not in the budget’.

You want a viable clean indoor air solution but without the hassle of device service and maintenance.

You want to successfully reopen and operate in today’s COVID environment but don’t want to risk of spending your own capital.

To schedule a free Clean Air as a Service assessment for your building or facility, schedule a no-obligation consultation with our expert clean air team.

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Onsite Utility Services Capital is not like any other energy company.

We are a market leader in the constantly-evolving energy industry, handling everything from large energy-efficiency upgrade projects to basic utility services for commercial buildings, facilities and properties of all sizes, all across North America.

With a leadership team that brings several decades of energy efficiency experience to the table, you can be assured you are in the best hands in the industry.

If you want a sensible way to provide your building with the safe and clean air it needs, the smart choice is Onsite Utility Services Capital.

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Onsite Utility Services Capital provides Energy Savings as a Service to large and small energy users alike with no debt or investment required.

Energy Savings as a Service is a pay-for-performance financing mechanism where our clients implement energy and water efficiency projects with no up-front capital expenditure and no debt.

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