Energy Success Hour

A virtual event for Energy Professionals who want to win more projects, secure greater revenues and grow their business faster than ever before – even in today’s economy – by removing both capex and debt from the sales equation.

If you have been searching for a better way to grow your energy business, you’ve come to the right place

Do any of these sound familiar:


Intense competition is squeezing your margins as you chase the same prospects everyone else is chasing, using worn-out & outdated marketing strategies


Maybe your income is steady, but you just can’t seem to create a breakout new opportunity that can grow your business.  (or perhaps you have found yourself in ‘survival mode’, concerned that over time losing clients could jeopardize your business)


When you think about where your business will be in 5 years, you’re not confident what it will look like – and maybe even a bit concerned

Here is the REAL problem:

Most businesses, facilities and municipalities simply don’t have the budget or debt-load tolerance to execute an energy-efficiency upgrade.

And since electricity and gas are commodities – and everyone sells the same energy suppliers – your prospects can’t tell you apart from all your competitors.

So to retain customers, the competition is causing you to cut margins (when a customer will switch for just a $0.0005 savings, you have no other way to help make that relationship ‘stick’).

The market is changing rapidly – business clients want their energy advisor, contractor, broker or consultant to provide much more than just ‘better pricing for electricity and gas’.  But unless you change your strategy, you will continue to lose customers to those competitors who are providing more.

So how do you navigate your business through these challenging waters and set a course for the future?

What if we were to show you:


A smarter, more-effective way to sell energy that requires no investment and no debt from your customers


How to generate new multiple streams of income from your existing client base


A simple yet powerful way to create a constant flow of new, qualified leads that are eager to meet with you


How to create up-front profits and ongoing residual income by providing lumens for lighting and BTUs for heating/cooling, for less than what your clients currently spend, in ALL 50 states


How to open up more opportunities by instantly and easily separating yourself from your competition


How to win more clients without ever enduring another ‘bidding war’


The turnkey strategy to future-proof your energy business, and give yourself peace of mind 

Welcome to

Energy Success Hour

A virtual online event exclusively for energy professionals

Exclusive Event


Energy Success Hour could likely be the most valuable hour of your entire year.


More Sales

Learn how to sell energy efficiency projects without ever asking your client for any up-front investment.


More Profits

Discover how to immediately generate new multiple streams of profitable income from your existing client base.


More Revenues

Win more projects faster and easier by forever eliminating the ‘it’s not in the budget’ objection.


More Security

Future-proof your business by instantly and permanently  positioning yourself apart from the competition.

Virtual Online Event

What is

Energy Success Hour?

It is a virtual online event exclusively for energy professionals that shows how to quickly and easily expand your sales, revenues and profits through Onsite Utility Services’ Energy Savings as a Service funding platform.

Monetize lost proposals where the client 'did not have the budget'

Win more energy clients without ever enduring another ‘bidding war’

Instantly position yourself apart from the competition

Secure new clients without asking for any up-front investment

Get a turnkey strategy to future-proof your energy business

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Smart Benefits

Participate From Anywhere


Energy Success Hour is held entirely online, so you can participate from anywhere


Energy Success Hour is exactly as it is described:  One hour.  So it easily fits into your busy schedule


Use any device you want to access Energy Success Hour – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Are you still wondering if Energy Success Hour is for you?

Here are three very good reasons why you should watch the Energy Success Hour:

  • #1: You Want More Sales 100% 100%

You already know how to sell energy solutions, but there have been a lot of missed opportunities you couldn’t win because the client ‘just didn’t have the budget’, and you want a way to eliminate budget issues from the sales equation.

  • #2: You Want A Proven Growth Strategy 100% 100%

What is your plan for the next 5 years?  Do you worry about the future of your business?  We have the experience to help you navigate these issues. Why? Because Industry Wired has called us “One of the Top 20 Companies with Disruptive Solutions in 2020”; and Silicon Review named us to their list of “Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2020”. So if anyone can show you how to grow your energy business, it’s us.

  • #3. You Want Peace of Mind 100% 100%

Having a turnkey strategy that will future-proof your energy business – even in today’s economic uncertainty – will give you much-needed peace of mind, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

For a limited time, you can attend Energy Success Hour for free

Energy Success Hour could be the most valuable hour of your time all year.  And for a very limited time, you can access it at no cost.

So don’t delay – register today while this is still available, and let’s make 2021 your most profitable year ever!