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Businesses, organizations and institutions have different energy management needs as they move through their lifecycle stages. 

Basic energy solutions may be sufficient in the early stages, but as your needs grow and expand, you’ll require more involved energy services that can grow with you.

And with the rapid changes occuring in the energy-efficiency marketplace, it’s becoming even more critical to ensure your building or facility is achieving the greatest level of energy savings available.

All that requires the skill and expertise of an experienced Energy Manager – someone who can help you successfully navigate the every-changing energy landscape.

A full-time staff energy manager or engineer is valuable – but also expensive. Through Onsite’s Fractional Energy Management program, you get the brainpower of a seasoned Energy Manager – but without the added cost of hiring one. 

Outsourced energy management has revolutionized the way businesses handle their utility, energy efficiency and cost-saving initiatives.  The Onsite Fractional Energy Management program delivers you peace of mind knowing you have the right energy expert to keep your business, organization or institution on the right path to maximizing both energy savings and long-term profitability.

More Cash In Hand

How It Works

Onsite will provide you with a Fractional Energy Manager who will interface with your management team in both an on-site and remote capacity as you require, as they assist you with a variety of energy-focused priorities, including:

Base Fractional Management Program

  1. Electric real time monitoring with a dashboard
  2. Energy Star Benchmarking with Certified Energy Manager certification
  3. Asset Inventory of energy consuming equipment
  4. Monthly energy usage trending review and summary report

Additional services can include:

  1. Indoor air quality and clean air solutions
  2. EnergyStar and LEED certification
  3. ASHRAE Level I. II and III Energy Audits
  4. Energy Modeling
  5. Energy procurement and management
  6. Capacity Management in Capacity Markets
  7. Turnkey Energy Optimization Solutions with Zero Debt and Zero CapEx
  8. …..and more

All of this at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff energy manager.

Managing your building or facility’s energy can be both a mind-numbing and time-consuming exercise. Onsite’s Fractional Energy Management program give you back bandwidth to focus on other important issues while simultaneously saving money.

Usage Dashboard

Data at the Speed of Now

Managing your building’s energy consumption usually involves complicated and continuous analog meter readings.

Fortunately, advances in technology now offer an improved method to monitor and control your building or facility’s energy usage.

Onsite’s Fractional Energy Management program provides you with a dashboard that displays real-time energy consumption data.  Research has shown that the benefits of real-time energy management are undeniable. In a case study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), some compelling evidence to support those benefits was discovered:

  • Faster identification of threatening or dangerous situations, giving you the invaluable benefit of detecting damaging or potentially dangerous problems as soon as they happen, such as a gas leak, cracked pipe, or broken furnace. 
  • Prevention of wasting energy as real-time data on your systems status can alert you to what’s going on inside your building or facility, even when you’re not on site.
  • Faster response times to energy consumption surges that negatively impact you with high demand charges, that you otherwise wouldn’t even know were happening until they showed up on your next utility bill. 
  • Single source of truth for all stakeholders and parties working on energy management within your building or facility; no matter if they are interested in delivered amps, kilowatt-hours consumed, carbon emissions generated, or dollars spent, they can all reference the same data. This alignment of information removes information silos and turf wars and keep operations running smoothly.

Our real-time dashboard gives you the data and tools you need to remove the guesswork from the equation and objectively validate the needs and claims of each business or operational area and make decisions based on hard numbers.  What areas have the greatest potential for improvement?  What are the results of a new installed technology?  Where are the highest times of energy consumption, and where?

Onsite’s Fractional Energy Management helps you have a window into your building or facility’s energy consumption that you’ve never seen before.

Onsite’s Fractional Energy Manager Helps Manage Electricity Costs in a Large Warehouse Through Real Time Electricity Monitoring

Recently, a client started to use real-time electricity monitoring to help manage their energy costs for their large warehouse.

After taking measurements over a couple of months, their Fractional Energy Manager noticed a curious usage pattern in their dashboard energy data.  Further investigation revealed that energy usage had dropped dramatically in one of the facility’s blowers.

After looking over some maintenance records, they concluded that simply by cleaning the air
filter on the blower motor reduced electricity consumption by over 1000 kWh per day.

Without access to the usage data, that pattern never would have been found.

As a result, the client implemented new maintenance procedures which called for more frequent cleaning of the air filters, resulting in a savings of more than $20,000 a year.

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