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For most buildings, lighting is typically one of the most significant sources of high electricity costs.

Why is a Lighting Upgrade so Important?

For most buildings, lighting is a significant component of their electricity costs.

Annually, commercial and industrial facilities use approximately 19% to 30% of their electricity just for lighting.

That makes upgrading your lighting an excellent place to look at to reduce electricity costs. 

Onsite Utility Services Capital can help you assess your existing lighting situation, determine the optimal lighting retrofit solution, and provide you with flexible payment options, while also ensuring that you receive the maximum savings possible.

This includes helping you take advantage of available utility rebate programs, federal tax benefits such as 179D tax reductions, and receiving compensation for your megawatts from Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs).


The first step towards realizing tangible energy savings is through a comprehensive lighting audit.

A lighting audit will analyze your current lighting use, the impact that use has on your electricity bill, and the physical condition of your existing lighting fixtures.

From this audit – which is conducted on-site by one of our trained lighting professionals – we are able to map out potential upgrades to your lighting that are in line with your operations, plans, and budget.


Retrofit solutions commonly involve upgrading incandescent and fluorescent fixtures to more advanced, lower maintenance LED’s.

Additionally, solutions can include lighting controls, motion sensors, and adjustments to light color and intensity.

Onsite Utility Services Capital also offers flexible payment options, including no investment service programs, so you can benefit from more efficient lighting regardless of your budget.

Lighting Upgrades Done Smart

Upgrade Your Lighting without any Capital, Debt or Risk

Deploying energy-efficient lighting solutions  can lower your energy consumption dramatically – and that translates into saving money.

But what if upgrading your lighting just ‘isn’t in the budget’ right now?

With our Lighting as a Service program, you can get the lighting upgrades you need, without risking any of your own capital, taking on any new debt, or handling any maintenance and service.

Lighting upgrades have never been easier.

See how Lighting as a Service worked for the Addision Park District:


No Capital Required

We make the investment for you, so there is zero out-of-pocket or up-front expenditure needed.


No Debt Impact

It will not impact debt ratios, lines of credit or conflict with any of your core purchases.


No Maintenance Costs

Covers all equipment, installation maintenance, and servicing.  Everything is included.

Time to See the Light

Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Lighting

Reduced Energy Costs

By upgrading your lighting components to more efficient and advanced technologies, a lighting retrofit can cut down your energy consumption, lower energy bills, and maintain improved lighting quality.

Reduced Maintenance

Improvements in lighting technology have led to increased lifespans of new lighting components, resulting in fewer failures while greatly extending the time between required maintenance.

Improved Quality

New technology in lighting has come a long way, and it often provides greater overall light output, improved color, reduced flickering, less hot ‘glare’, and a whole lot more.

Greater Productivity

Although it can be a challenge to pinpoint a monetary value to how energy-efficient lighting systems impact worker productivity, there is little doubt workers are more productive if they are working in a better-lit environment with less glare, better color rendering and no annoying ‘hums’ or ‘flickers’.

Cleaner Air

A considerable amount of electricity is produced by local power plants to power all those ineffecient lights, which pumps tons of pollutants into the atmosphere, which contribute to global warming, acid rain, and other environmental problems. By consuming less electricity, a building with improved lighting can help reduce harmful emissions.

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