Introducing the World's ONLY Expert LinkedIn Marketing Course Made EXCLUSIVELY for Energy Contractors

Learn how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to generate a constant stream of new energy clients, faster and easier than you ever thought possible
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Learn how to leverage the world’s largest professional networking platform and fill your pipeline with ready-to-buy energy prospects


You’ve probably heard the term “relationship selling” before, but what does that really mean? Is it more than just a fancy buzzword?

Relationship Selling is based on a simple psychological principle:  Human interaction is a core, fundamental need found in every person.

This is why people trust individuals more than they trust a ‘brand’.  A big factor in your prospects’ purchasing decisions is who they trust.  

What this means for you:  You need a method to consistently and reliably win the trust of your prospects to generate new energy projects.

And that is exactly what we will teach you how to do.


Build More Relationships

This is the foundation to any sale – the trust your prospects have in you and your business.

Our LinkedIn for Energy Contractors program will teach you how to position yourself as a trusted energy leader in your market.

Level the playing field by arming yourself with the ammunition you need to establish more connections, build more profitable relatsionships, and close more sales, and be seen as a leading authority in energy solutions in the eyes of your prospects.

Find More Leads

Getting more leads is great – but not if they are not qualified.

Our LinkedIn for Energy Contractors program will help you to build lasting relationships with your most valuable prospects. 

We’ll show you how to properly cultivate new opportunities with the right people and build viable, qualified leads you can legitimately pursue for new energy projects.

You will quickly wonder why you waited so long to do this.

Grow a Reliable Pipeline

Imagine how life would feel if you knew exactly where your next quality opportunities will be coming from. 

Building and managing a sales pipeline is how top energy contractors earn the big incomes.  By forecasting sales and opportunities, they unlock real growth and eliminate the guesswork of where and when their next sales will close.

The LinkedIn for Energy Contractors program will show you how to turn the fantasy of a constant stream of new clients into a reality (hint:  It’s easier than you think!)

Why listen to us?

Because we have been selling energy solutions across America since 1993


Onsite Utility Services is not like any other energy company. 

We are a market leader in the constantly-evolving energy industry, handling everything from large energy-efficiency upgrade projects to basic utility services, for buildings and facilities of all shapes, sizes and locations. 

Our nearly three decades of experience means we have the knowledge, expertise and capability to help you sell more energy projects easier and faster than you do now.


Let’s talk about helping you get more sales.

LinkedIn Energy Contractors Program

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can solve your lead generation problems, schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session with our Director of Partner Services to discuss your energy contracting business, your sales process, and we can identify if our LinkedIn for Energy Contractors program would be a good fit for your needs.

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