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Reduce energy costs, lower your carbon footprint and improve capital assets through our municipal turnkey energy efficiency solutions


Energy efficiency is now more important than ever

Rising expenses and deferred maintenance costs (old systems and “band-aid” repairs) are threatening municipalities nationwide, robbing them of the money needed to make capital improvements.

This balancing act has challenged most towns, cities and municipalities to seek more efficient energy systems that can lower the electric, water and gas costs consumed by their buildings and properties, without sacrificing performance or quality. 

Onsite Utility Services Capital’s industry-leading energy efficiency solutions provide municaplities of all sizes with the energy-efficiency solutions they want – installed and maintained – without impacting budgets or core investments.


The percentage of energy wasted by the average commercial building (source: MIT)


You need experienced energy professionals that you can trust

Finding the right energy efficiency solutions is often either too confusing or outside your budget.

Onsite Utility Services Capital removes both of those barriers, making it possible for your city, town or municapality to achieve its financial and environmental goals through improved, profitable and affordable energy efficiency programs.

With over a quarter-century of energy efficiency experience, we’ve been solving energy challenges longer than just about anyone else.

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Finally, a Smart and Sensible Path to Energy Efficiency


 Lower Energy Expenses

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average building spends $2.10 per square foot just on energy.

Municipal buildings continue to be plagued with budgetary constraints heavily impacted by the ongoing increases in energy costs, which have led to losses for many and squeezed margins for others.

Reducing your energy consumption allows you to direct much-needed financial resources towards other important initiatives, pay down debts, or simply put more money towards your capital assets.

Saving money on energy has never been easier.



Improve Air Quality

Let’s face it: We are now living in a world where the spread of infectious diseases is on everyone’s mind. Many infectious viruses are transmitted through the inhalation of airborne infectious particles, and are distributed by your ventilation systems throughout your buildings.

To efficiently meet these demands, municipalities around the country turn to the experts at Onsite Utility Services Capital.  We know the right efficiency solutions that will contribute to achieving the air quality you want, as well as providing a better working enviroment for your staff and better indoor enviroments for public-use facilities.


Eliminate Maintenance Costs

The only thing more expensive than new energy equipment can be the costs spent on servicing and maintaining them properly.

Onsite Utility Services Capital eliminates the need for you to conduct any maintenance or service on any upgraded or newly-installed equipment. All the equipment maintenance is handled for you at no additional cost.

That’s a big headache (and expense) taken off your shoulders.


Future-Proof Your Buildings

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ your existing lighting, HVAC, water, and the rest of your energy infrastructure requires service, repair or simply needs to be replaced due to normal wear and use.

Energy-efficient equipment lasts longer.  Much longer.  And it puts you in a position to maximize cost savings options without letting your energy infrastructure hold you back.

Planning for the future is easy with Energy Savings as a Service from Onsite Utility Services Capital.

Upgrade With No Investment

No Budget?  No Problem.

If you have been putting off energy efficiency upgrades because you ‘just don’t have the budget’, Onsite Utility Services has the solution you’ve been looking for:

Through our Energy Savings as a Service program, your buildinsg or facilities can receive energy efficiency upgrades like lighting, clean indoor air, HVAC optimization, power optimization, and much more – all fully installed and serviced – without risking any of your own capital.

Instead, Onsite Utility Services will make the investment for you, freeing up your capital for other more pressing issues.

The equipment and installation costs are then taken from the new energy savings that are generated through the energy costs provided by the efficiency upgrades.

You enjoy reduced operational costs that come from lower energy utilization, plus no equipment or maintenance expenses – all without spending or risking any of your own capital.

No Investment

There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expenditure – we make the investment for you.

No Maintenance

All the service & maintenance costs are fully included during the entire service term.

No Debt

It’s not a loan or traditional ‘financing’, so you get complete off-balance-sheet flexibility.

Frees Up Capital

Enjoy the benefits of reduced operational costs without spending your own capital.

Free Consultation

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