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  • … that has tried multiple ‘energy-saving’ strategies but still hasn’t found anything that really works …
  • … who wants your restaurant to be energy-efficient without compromising customer comfort …
  • … who is finding it harder and harder to reach your profitability goals …
  • … who wants a sensible energy solution that doesn’t require any out-of-pocket investment or new debt.

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We provide proven, cutting-edge energy efficiency solutions to restaurants of all sizes across America, while delivering world-class support that helps you achieve extraordinary and lasting financial improvements.

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The restaurant industry is very competitive.  Not only are owners and operators focused on reducing operational costs, but they also have to prioritize the comfort of their customers.

This balancing act has challenged most restaurant owners/operators to seek more efficient systems that can lower electric, water, gas and oil costs, while also improving the customer experience.

But the concerns about how to afford those much-needed energy-efficient solutions have prevented many restaurant owners from making the investment – or, at least indefinitely postponing their decision until they can ‘find the money in the budget’.

That no longer needs to be a problem.

With Onsite Utility Services Capital’s industry-leading Energy Savings as a Service program, restaurant owners and operators finally can have the energy-efficiency solutions they want – installed and maintained – without any up-front investment or debt added to their balance sheet.

No matter what size restaurant you have, Energy Savings as a Service is the easiest, most sensible and effective way to lower your energy costs, save money, and increase your profits – all while delivering exceptional comfort for your customers.

This is how smart restaurant energy efficiency gets done.


Lower Energy Expenses

Deploying energy-efficiency solutions in your restaurant can dramatically lower your energy consumption:  Electric, gas, water, refrigeration, cooking oil, and much more.

That reduced energy use translates into significantly lower energy costs.  You can direct that new savings towards other important initiatives, pay down debts, or simply put more money into the profit column. 

Saving money on energy has never been easier.


Improve Customer Comfort

Giving customers a quality dining experience in today’s market requires much more than a warm greeting at the front door.  The standard for quality is now also gauged on the customer’s ability to have a dining experience fitting their personal preferences.

To efficiently meet these demands, restaurants around the country turn to the experts at Onsite Utility Services Capital.  We know the right efficiency solutions that will contribute to a consistently higher customer experience.  

Your customers and staff will see and feel the difference.


Eliminate Service Costs

The only thing more expensive than new energy equipment can be the costs spent on servicing and maintaining them properly.

Onsite Utility Services Capital eliminates the need for you to conduct any maintenance or service on any upgraded or newly-installed equipment. All the equipment maintenance is handled for you at no additional cost.

That’s a big headache (and expense) taken off your shoulders.


Future-Proof Your Restaurant

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ your existing lighting, HVAC, water, oil filtration, refrigeration and the rest of your energy infrastructure requires service, repair or simply needs to be replaced due to normal wear and use.

Energy-efficient equipment lasts longer.  Much longer.  And it puts your restaurant in a position to maximize growth options without letting your energy infrastructure hold you back.

Planning for the future is easy with Onsite Utility Services Capital.

Why pay more for energy than you have to?

Energy solutions for your restaurant come with a lot of options – but paying high prices doesn’t have to be one of them.

Why Listen to Us?


Onsite Utility Services Capital is not like any other energy company.

We are a market leader in the constantly-evolving energy industry, handling everything from large energy-efficiency upgrade projects to basic utility services for restaurants of all sizes.

Our expertise doesn’t end with lighting, water, and gas.  We also have deep expertise in oil filtration and refrigeration efficiency solutions as well.

With a leadership team that brings several decades of energy efficiency experience to the table, you can be assured you are in the best hands in the industry.

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