Lower your biggest operating expense

upgrade your multifamily property without any capital, debt or risk

Reduce energy costs, improve tenant comfort and increase profits with a turnkey solution that requires none of your own money

lower your biggest operating expense

upgrade your multifamily property without any capital, debt or risk

Reduce energy costs, improve tenant comfort and increase profits with a turnkey solution that requires none of your own money

Energy Efficiency Made EASY

Say hello to lower energy costs. 

Say hello to EASY.


Managing energy for a multifamily property is a heavy task. 

Rising expenses (energy at 3.5% per year or more) and deferred maintenance costs (old systems and “band-aid” repairs) are threatening multifamily properties of all sizes nationwide, robbing them of the money needed to make capital improvements and maintain infrastructure.

This balancing act has challenged most multifamily property owners/operators to seek ways to reduce their costs across the board.  And one of the fastest, easiest and most effective methods of accomplishing this is using more efficient energy systems that can lower electric, water and gas costs.

But the concerns about how to afford those much-needed money-saving energy-efficient solutions have prevented many from making the investment – or, at least indefinitely postponing their decision until they can ‘find the money in the budget’.

That no longer needs to be a problem.

With Onsite Utility Services Capital’s industry-leading Energy Savings as a Service program, multifamily properties and buildings of all sizes can finally can get the energy-efficiency solutions they want – installed and maintained – without any up-front investment or debt.

No matter what size property you own or operate, Energy Savings as a Service is the easiest, most sensible and effective way to lower your energy costs, save money, and increase profits.

This is how smart energy efficiency gets done.

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Turnkey Solution

Covers all equipment, installation maintenance, and servicing – everything is included.

No Capital Required

We make the investment for you, so there is zero out-of-pocket or up-front expenditure needed.

No Debt Impact

Won’t impact debt ratios, lines of credit or conflict with any of your core purchases.

Day One Savings

Energy costs are reduced instantly; you begin seeing savings literally from the very first day.

Get the Guide

See for yourself how Energy Savings as a Service can work for your multifamily property.

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Finally, a Smart and Sensible Path to Energy Efficiency


Lower Energy Expenses

Energy costs strongly and negatively impact your operating budget. And because energy costs continue to rise, schools and campus facilities that do not carefully mange their energy usage can see operating budgets rapidly increase.

Deploying energy-efficient solutions in your buildings can lower your energy consumption dramatically – translating to spending less money for electricity, gas and water.

That reduced energy spending allows you to direct that new savings towards more important initiatives, pay down debts, or simply put more money into the profit column.

Saving money on energy has never been easier.



Improve Learning Conditions

Giving students and faculty more environmentally-friendly enviroments requires much more than some better choices in lightbulbs. 

The standard today for effective and eco-conscious education enviroments is now also gauged on your ability to create temperature, lighting and convenience ameneities that demonstrate your commitment to environmental consciousness without negatively impacting comfort.

To efficiently meet these demands, education facilities around the country turn to the experts at Onsite Utility Services Capital.  We know the right efficiency solutions that will contribute to a consistently higher student and faculty output.

Your students and faculty will see and feel the difference.


Eliminate Maintenance Costs

The only thing more expensive than new energy equipment can be the costs spent on servicing and maintaining them properly.

Onsite Utility Services Capital eliminates the need for you to conduct any maintenance or service on any upgraded or newly-installed equipment. All the equipment maintenance is handled for you at no additional cost.

That’s a big headache (and expense) taken off your shoulders.


Future-Proof Your Campus

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ your existing lighting, HVAC, water, and the rest of your energy infrastructure requires service, repair or simply needs to be replaced due to normal wear and use.

Energy-efficient equipment lasts longer.  Much longer.  And it puts you in a much better position to maximize various growth options without letting your energy infrastructure hold you back.

Planning for the future is easy with Energy Savings as a Service from Onsite Utility Services Capital.

Energy Savings as a Service may be a good fit for you if:

You want upgrades or retrofits throughout your school or campus without spending your own capital or incurring any additional debt

Energy upgrade/retrofit projects in the past have been stalled or derailed because they were simply ‘not in the budget’

You want to pay-for-performance with a third party assuming the performance risk while providing project management and maintenance

You want a new way to procure energy-efficient technologies but without the hassle of ownership

To compare Energy Savings as a Service to other financing options that might be a good fit for you, have a no-obligation consultation with our expert energy team.

Why Listen to Us?

Because we have been providing energy solutions to schools and universities across America since 1993

Onsite Utility Services Capital is not like any other energy company.

We are a market leader in the constantly-evolving energy industry, handling everything from large energy-efficiency upgrade projects to basic utility services for school districts, colleges and university campuses of all sizes, all across North America.

With a leadership team that brings several decades of energy efficiency experience to the table, you can be assured you are in the best hands in the industry.

If you want a sensible way to save money on energy,

the smart choice is Onsite Utility Services Capital.

Getting Started Is Simple

Give us just 30 minutes and we will show you how to drive down your energy costs without using any of your own capital.

Find out how Energy Savings as a Service can benefit your education building or campus. 

No cost, no obligation.


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Onsite Utility Services Capital provides Energy Savings as a Service to large and small energy users alike with no debt or investment required.

Energy Savings as a Service is a pay-for-performance financing mechanism where our clients implement energy and water efficiency projects with no up-front capital expenditure and no debt.

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