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Here’s How Energy Savings as a Service Works:

This is the easiest, most sensible energy efficiency solution you’ll find.


Audit & Planning

First, we conduct a full on-site energy audit to gather pertinent data about your situation and work closely with in planning the solution that best optimizes both savings & efficiency.


Design & Review

Next, we work with your leadership and facility managers to optimize the right design that meets both your performance and aesthetic requirements, while delivering on an expected energy and capital improvement savings.

Everything is focused on developing the right solution fitting your unique situation and savings objectives.


Upgrade & Install

Now, our team of energy experts procure, upgrade and install the right efficiency equipment.

Installation is handled by a member of our nationwide network of qualified and tested installers.


Client Confirmation

Once the installation is completed, we will review all the details with your management team to ensure we have met your upgrade objectives.

Keep in mind – all this has been accomplished while you still have not paid anything out of pocket.

Only when you are completely satisfied will we consider the installation project complete.


Your Savings Begins

You see energy savings literally from the day you go live.

There is nothing due or owed to Onsite Utility Services Capital – all costs for the project are taken from the savings generated from the upgrades.

We continue to maintain and service all the equipment throughout the term of our agreement, taking the burden off your shoulders.

Here’s How You Benefit


You enjoy reduced operational costs derived from lower energy utilization, coupled with no equipment maintenance expenses – all without spending or risking any of your own capital.


With ESaaS, you avoid the need to select vendors that provide design, installation, maintenance and performance management services to achieve greater energy efficiency.  ESaaS does it all in one, turnkey solution.

scalable to accommodate any building, facility or institution size

The ability to link multiple building or facility sites into a single bundled service package means that ESaaS can deliver energy efficiency results for any-sized company, organization or municipality.

no budget? no problem.

Perhaps you’ve already made the decision to pursue better energy efficiency for your building or facility, but budget contraints have kept you from moving forward with such a project.  With ESaaS, your budget is irrelevant, because you only pay from the savings.

You achieve your environmental and sustainability goals

Reduced energy consumption and better environmental responsibility are not just buzz-words – they have become cornerstones of good business stewardship in today’s society. 

eliminates all the risks and responsibilities

Designing and deploying an energy-efficiency program is a daunting task rife with considerable risks. ESaaS removes those risks and transfers them to us, allowing you to focus on what matters most:  Your core business operations.

Got questions?  We’ve got answers.

The benefits of Energy Savings as a Service are extensive – but it’s common to have questions about how it may benefit your particular situtation or energy-savings objective.


Is this a loan?

No – it is not a loan or traditional ‘financing’.  It’s ‘as a service’, using the same model of how you have always purchased electricity, water and gas for your building or facility.


What is included?

All necessary equipment and materials, installation, and all support & maintenance for the duration of the service term – everything is included.


Can you work with installers I already have a relationship with?

Of course.  We have an extensive national network of highly qualified and experienced installers.  But we are happy to work with your own preferred installation provider.


When will I see savings?

Instantly – from day one.  There is no waiting period to see a ‘positive ROI’ because you made no up-front investment – instead, it is deployed as a service within instant savings.


Is this just for electricity?

No!  This covers all facets of your energy consumption – electricity, water, and gas – for lighting, HVAC, power optimization, water conservation – every way your building uses and consumes energy.


So how does Onsite Utility Services make money?

Onsite Utility Services shares in the savings generated from the energy efficiency upgrades we install.  So our interests are directly aligned with yours:  We don’t make money unless you save money!

Give us just 30 minutes and we'll show you how to drive down your energy costs, without using any of your own capital.

Find out how Energy Savings as a Service can benefit your building, facility or institution.

No cost, no obligation.


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Onsite Utility Services Capital provides Energy Savings as a Service to large and small energy users alike with no debt or investment required.

Energy Savings as a Service is a pay-for-performance financing mechanism where our clients implement energy and water efficiency projects with no up-front capital expenditure and no debt.

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