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A unique opportunity exclusively for energy brokers and professionals who want to win more clients, secure greater revenues and grow their business faster than ever before – even in today’s economy.

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If You Have Been Searching For a Smarter, Proven Way to Grow Your Energy Business in Today’s Economy, Then This is For You

Do any of these sound familiar:


Intense competition is squeezing your margins as you chase the same prospects everyone else is chasing, using worn-out & outdated marketing strategies


Maybe your income is steady, but you just can’t seem to create a new breakout opportunity that can grow your energy business (or perhaps you have found yourself in ‘survival mode’, concerned that over time losing clients could jeopardize your business)


When you think about where your energy business will be in 5 years, you’re not confident what it will look like – and maybe you’re even a bit concerned

Here is the REAL problem:

Electricity and gas are commodities – and everyone is selling the same energy suppliers.  As a result, your prospects can’t tell you apart from your competitors.


So to retain your customers, the competition has caused you to cut your margins:  When a customer will switch for just a $0.0005 savings, you have no other way to help make that relationship ‘stick’.

The market is changing rapidly – business clients want their energy advisor, broker or consultant to provide much more than just ‘electricity or gas’.  And unless you change your long-term strategy, you will lose customers to competitors who provide more.

So how do you navigate your business through these challenging time while setting a course for a better future?

What if we were to show you:


A more-effective way to sell energy solutions that requires no investment or debt from your customers


How to generate new multiple streams of income from your existing client base


A simple yet powerful way to create a constant flow of new, qualified leads that are eager to talk to you


How to open up more opportunities by instantly and easily separating yourself from your competition


How to win more clients without ever enduring another ‘bidding war’


The turnkey strategy to future-proof your energy brokerage or consulting business, and give yourself peace of mind 

Welcome to the

Sales Partnership Program

A unique business opprotunity exclusively for energy brokers, consultants and professionals

Get Peace of Mind



More Sales

Sell energy solutions and projects without ever asking a client for an up-front investment


More Profits

Generate large new multiple streams of income from your past, current and future customers


More Revenues

Win more sales faster and easier by forever eliminating the ‘it’s not in the budget’ objection


More Security

Future-proof your energy business by positioning yourself as your market’s Trusted Energy Advisor

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What is the Sales Partnership Program?

It is a partnership program exclusively for energy brokers, consultants and professionals that provides access to hundreds of tools, resources and solutions to help you win more clients, generate more profits, and grow your energy business, developed and supported nationwide by Onsite Utility Services Capital.

As a Sales Partner, you will be able to:

Monetize lost proposals where the client 'did not have the budget'

Win more energy clients without ever enduring another ‘bidding war’

Use proven sales, marketing and lead-generation tools

Secure new clients without asking for any up-front investment

Get turnkey strategies to future-proof your energy business

The Sales Partnership Program brings together America’s most experienced energy profesionals.

We want every energy broker, consultant and professional who is serious about growing their business to be able to participate, that’s why we have made joining the program simple and easy.

No matter how big or small your energy business is, you are sure to receive some eye-opening and valuable information – and more profits – from being part of the Sales Partnership Program.

What is your plan for the next 5 years?

Do you worry about the future of your energy business?

Are you looking for a proven, simple way to win more customers and grow your income?

Then you owe it to yourself to join the Sales Partnership Program – where energy professionals just like you get access to more solutions, sales & marketing materials, and funding options that will help you win more customers, generate more revenues, and grow your income.

Business Development

See how energy professionals just like you are winning more clients, faster and easier than ever before

Lead Generation

Learn how to effectively and consistently attract a greater number of high-value clients

Expand Your Network

Grow your client base with new opportunities as you differentiate yourself from your competitors

What You Get

Here’s What You Can Expect to Get with Sales Partnership

World-Class Partner Resource Portal

Our Partner Portal contains literally hundreds of tools and resources spanning dozens of energy solutions, industry vertical markets, and proven effective sales tips: 

Complete presentation decks for dozens of solutions & markets

Step-by-Step videos to help you sell energy more effectively

Marketing tools that will help generate more qualified prospects

Ongoing training programs for a variety of energy solutions

Fund Lost or Stalled Upgrade Projects

You know that stack of proposals dying on your desk from lost or stalled efficiency projects where the client told you, “It’s just not in our budget?”

Learn how to turn them into new revenues by removing both the capex and debt obstacles from the equation.

Help your clients upgrade with off-balance sheet flexibility

Convert lost projects into brand new revenues - FAST

Give your clients a viable way to get the upgrades they need

Future-Proof Your Energy Business

Competition right now is tough – and it’s only going to get tougher.

Be prepared NOW by expanding your capabilities to deliver solutions to both new and existing clients in a way that your competitors cannot match.

Differentiate yourself by offering your clients more solutions

Generate more profits per customer without adding any overhead

Provide more value to your clients and secure better relationships

Your Future Starts NOW

Let’s Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

It’s time we move forward.

The world has changed (that’s obvious) and it’s time we as energy professionals adapt and thrive in a new value-first marketplace.

We will give you the most powerful energy selling strategies you’ve ever seen.  If you’ve ever scratched your head in frustration, wondering that there ‘has to be a better way’ to sell energy, then you’ll definitely want to join the Sales Partnership Program.

If you could grab just ONE more client using the strategies, tools and resources we will give you …wouldn’t it be worth it?

The time to take action is RIGHT NOW – join the Sales Partnership Program and together we will turn…

… Frustration into success

… Stagnation into growth

… Uncertainty into predictability

And make 2021 your best year ever.

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